The archives of the RLymYC were largely lost in the great flood of 1989 when much of Bath Road and both the RLymYC and LTSC were inundated.

An attempt was made to save them and they languished in a container outside the Club until they were rediscovered and saved …

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Club Officers

Flag Officers and Committee Members past and present


The Magazine recording the Clubs achievements first published in 1989 and continuing to the present day.

The early years

Fascinating articles and stories of how the Club began. 

Anniversary Publications

The 50th and 75th anniversary publications


ePotterNews took over from the print edition in 2008 it ceased publication in 2018 being made obsolete by weekly emails


Printed news-sheets published between 2005 and 2008

Information Sheets

Information Sheets supplemented the Bulletins between 1973 and 1986


Bulletins were the main communications to the Members between 1946 and 1986

Commodores Photographs

Photographs of all the Commodores including their years of office.  Some have a summary of achievements.

Royal Lymington Cup

The Club’s most prestigious race ran between 1970s and 1999

Local and Yachting History

Some publications we have found of relevance to the Club and the local area

Graham Clarke

If you have any enquiries concerning the history of the Club, or feel you have any history or archives to contribute, please contact Graham Clarke, the Historian, by clicking here

Anthony Ruffell