1922 - 1972 The Royal Lymington Yacht Club Golden Anniversary


This document is the front page graphic of a book published in 1972 in which the history of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club was told to that point.  It was compiled and edited by a small team of members and friends of the club and was paid for entirely by donations.

The whole book has been scanned in Feb 2007 by Anthony Ruffell - for publication on the website as a permanent record.

It  was kindly lent by Mr David Scaife who has been a member since 1963.

A further copy exists in Club Steward John McPhee's care behind the bar – but it is rather past its sell by date.  Club Secretary Ian Gawn has a further 2 copies.  The probability is that it was given to each member in that anniversary year.

The size of the original book is 197 x 207mm high [7¾ x 8 1/8 inch high] old Imperial paper size. The outside cover is of shiny light Cream  coloured paper and the pages high quality semi matt.  The whole publication is held together with staples.