History of the Archives

As the Club approaches its Centenary in 2022,  this area will become of increasing significance. It is worth reflecting how the archives, which are embodied in this, came into being.

A devastating flood at the Club, in 1989, led to the loss of a great deal of original Club material – of both historical and routine value.  Such as had been salvaged, lay stowed externally in shipping containers for some time, until Judy Ruffell, arranged for the material to be extracted, spread out, collated and recorded.

In 2005, Anthony Ruffell was appointed Club Archivist and began the painstaking task of developing a coherent archive.  To that, he then added content obtained from various other sources, to create what is as comprehensive an archive as could be obtained. 
In this, Anthony was substantially assisted by Neil Eccles, whose skills naturally placed him in the role of  editor and producer of  the digital archive, and thence  to the creation of the History pages, which you will now find on the website.  Neil is undertaking the considerable complementary task of ensuring the history content is added to by the regular archiving of current material from the other areas Club website, with material from the Club’s sailing and social activities.


Anthony Ruffell

Graham Clarke

Anthony’s considerable efforts over the years as Archivist, were recognised at the Annual Dinner in 2019, when he was awarded the Commodore’s Cup. On that occasion, Anthony stepped down with the honorary title of Archivist Emeritus and the Club then appointed Graham Clarke as Historian, to take on the work of Anthony. Graham works alongside Neil, whose role as Creator and Editor of the History Webpages, brings to life and within reach of Members, the Club’s accumulating heritage.

If you have any enquiries concerning the Club’s history, please direct them to Graham Clarke via the contact form below

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