Local and Yachting History

Lymington River by Anthony Thomas Devis (1729 - 1816)

Exhibited at the “Time and Tide – The Lymington River Exhibition”.

21st March to 18th April 2009 at the St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery.

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Yachting on the Sunshine Coast

A Southern Railway publication by Charles Pears ROI.  It covers much of southern England, Lymington appears on page 54.  Yacht clubs are associated with each port.

This Was Lymington 1900 to 1920 by Joan Grigsby

A booklet about Lymington Life in the early part of the last century including many fascinating facts about the waterfront, river sailing and Dan Bran.  Includes Archivists comments.

1960 Country Life History of Lymington

An article by Bryan Little entitled “The Ancient Port of Lymington”.  It contains one or two mistakes but has some good pictures of the river and the Club.

A Brief History of Lymington by Tim Lambert


Lymington began as a Saxon village.

The Saxons arrived in what is now South West Hampshire in the 6th century. They founded a settlement called limen tun. The Saxon word tun means a farm or hamlet. Limen is believed to be a Celtic name meaning either elm river or, perhaps, marshy river. So Lymington was the little village by the marshy river.

The name Lymington was first recorded in 689 AD. At the time of Doomsday Book in 1086 the settlement was called Lentune.

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Westmacott, Woodnutt and Wild Wind:

A Personal View Paul Rawlinson

Our hearts again ruled our heads when Jenny and I bought a New Forest cottage in need of ‘some’ modernisation and renovation, through auction in 1975. This followed ownership of a succession of classic motorcycles and cars used as daily transport around the London suburbs of Surrey. By 1980, now with two young daughters to amuse, we (I?) planned to escape for the first time over the piles of building debris, through the haze of brick dust towards the Solent for some clean air.

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Snippets of 20th Century R Lymington YC History

From Annie Littlejohn

……….. Helpers I wonder how many Club Members have been involved over the years – on the race committees, lending their yachts and whiz boats, sorting out the repairs, providing crew accommodation, feeding them, arranging the social programme, jury members and observers, working in the race office …. and so on? I would guess somewhere around a thousand. Club Members beware!


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Lymington in 1839

LYMINGTON is a corporate town and parliamentary borough of Hampshire. The town is agreeably situated on the right bank of the river Lymington, at a short distance from its mouth, and is 7 miles south-west by south from Southampton, and about 90 miles south-west from London. It is well supplied with water, and the paving and lighting are defrayed by a rate of 13 pence in the pound on houses, and 4 pence in the pound on land.

Old Towns is a resource of 19th century English historical data, extracted and digitized from articles written between 1833 and 1848 which were originally published in ‘The Penny Magazine’ by The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

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Royal Lymington YC Picture on a Postcard with a stamp franked 1948

This postcard was lent by Jo Mooring Aldridge for the Archives March 2009.

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