Cruising Division Winter Lectures

A selection of the Zoom and recorded Lectures given to Members

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Race to Scotland

Ken Fowler’s amazing adventure sailing an RS Aero dinghy up the West Coast of the UK during his summer leave

Sailing Tall Ships by Neil Dunnet

Neil takes us on the voyage of a lifetime joining a Tall Ship for the first time.  He highlights the work of the Tall Ships movement.

5 days in August

Andrew Campbell tells the story of Operation Pedestal  which arguably changed the course of the second world war.  Many members viewing had personal connections to the participants.

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Saving Lives at Sea

David Monks describes some of the dramatic and inspiring rescues undertaken by the courageous crews of RNLI Lifeboats.


Galapagos or Bust - Peter and Nick Ryley

An intriguing talk about an adventure heading for the Galapagos?  Popular Club member Nick Ryley and his brother Peter tell the story, but did they make it?

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Ataturk - Father of the Nation by Commodore Richard Bridges RN

In a departure from his former RN career, Richard Bridges tells us of his infectious enthusiasm for Kemal Attaturk who transformed Turkey in the early part of the 20th century.

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Nigel Lang’s account of his deeply unprepared entry into the 1976 OSTAR race

RLymYC Photographic Competition 2020

Neil Hardy critiques the entries for this year’s competition.  They are getting very good now and the winner is exceptional……

Three Local Admirals and their role in the Napoleonic Wars - Rosalyn Goulding

St Barbe Museum’s Collections Manager tells stories of 3 distinguished local Admirals 

On Shoulders of Giants

Justin Houlton and team tell the story of their preparations for rowing across the Atlantic “On Shoulders of Giants”

Update Lecture on Embarking D-Day by Stephen Fisher

Updating his previous talk earlier in the year, Stephen Fisher tells the fascinating story of the build up to D-Day and how the problem of embarking troops on to their transport and landing craft was achieved.

LITA - Lymington and District International Twinning Association

David Miller and Vanessa Ainsworth tell the story of LITA, which pairs Lymington and Pennington with Vitré in France, Almansa in Spain and Mosbach in Germany

David Bailey - Wildlife Wanderings

David Bailey takes us on his journey of Wildlife Wandering in a fascinating lecture

Heavy Weather Sailing - Peter Bruce

Legendary author and Member Peter Bruce explores the many techniques he uses when in heavy weather.  Essential reading for world girdlers

Junior Met Talk

This talk was given to the Juniors to give them an appreciation of how the weather affects the winds and their sailing

Kit Layman - HMS Wager

Rear Admiral Kit Layman explores one of the great unreported maritime disasters the RN endured

Birds of the New Forest by Dr Chris Willard

A wonderful trip through the New Forest as Chris describes the various birds he has observed.  He reveals some of his secrets in finding the various species and more importantly their locations.

The Charms of Galicia by George Trevelyan

One summer 2 boats set out to explore parts of the northern and western Spanish coast, Galicia.  This is George Trevelyan’s story of Late Again’s journey

2013 Road Trip across America by Harford

Tim Harford does the classic road trip across America coast to coast.  All the classic elements are there for an enjoyable journey with Tim and his wife

Embarking on the D-Day Armada - Stephen Fisher

In his first talk to the Club about the subject, Stephen relates the fascinating local history of how our area was used to embark the troops on the landing craft and ships sailing to Normandy on D-Day – June 6th 1944

Toulon to Southampton on J Class by Nick Riley

When he was very young, Nick Ryley was offered the trip of a lifetime as a member of a crew bringing back an old J Class yacht from Toulon to Southampton.  The adventure was memorable

Gill Perkins - The Flight of the Bumble Bee

Gill Perkins tells a fascinating tale of the most iconic of our insects, the much loved Bumble Bee

Sailing Science v Fake News - Dr Colin Palmer

Dr Colin Palmer explains some of the science behind our sport and busts some of the myths around it.

Dazzle Painting in War and Peace

In his talk ranging from 1917 to the present day, Dr James Taylor illustrates the importance of the art of camoflage to aid deception and hide military targets from the enemy.