1912 First glimpse of future Clubhouse

(top of photograph below)

Men attempt to extricate a horse and cart which has slipped into the river, near the Baths in 1912.  In the background can be seen the old Coastguard Boathouse, on the site owned by Lymington Council, but in 1923 the lease was transferred to the newly formed Lymington River Sailing Club, which was formed in 1914, with 18 members and Capt. H Nicholson as club captain, but when the country had gone to war, the club closed down.  In 1922 the Club was re-created by Major Cyril Potter.  They took over the lease of the boathouse as their headquarters as members transformed the premises, and in 1924 they bought the property, slipway and site for £600.  Another £1,253 was spent on improvements, after such fund-raising events as amateur dramatics.  By 1928 membership had grown to 384, and larger premises were needed – this was carried out by local builder G. Harvey, and there have been several subsequent additions.  In December 1925, the Admiralty Warrant was granted and the LRSC became the Lymington Yacht Club.  Application was made in 1926 for the Royal Warrant, but this was not granted until King George VI signed his approval in 1938