The Club’s flagship magazine detailing the achievements of members over the past year

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From November 2005 the General Committee decided that the PotterShip be published once a year instead of twice a year and that there should be a PotterNews printed broadsheet sent to the members quarterly. In fact it ended up being one every 3 months. Also the distribution of these printed editions were to be co-ordinated with the Club Mailings in order to save postage and manpower. It was agreed that:-

  • “PotterShip would be an Annual Archival Historical Record of the achievements of the RLymYC.”
  • “PotterNews would be a proactive Newsletter telling the members of future Events and advising of current Recent Achievements. It was not intended to compete with lengthy Editorial Content that the PotterShip would report in full at the Years End”

Judy Ruffell was Editor of both editorial features with Andrew Salanson – Avalon Design & Print In 2008 General Committee decided that the cost of printing and publishing could be saved if the PotterNews was sent out electronically. The form being a link to a Club Web address so online members could download the ePotterNews themselves. The first copy went out in December 2008. The Editorship for the ePNews was passed happily over to a willing volunteer Ann Brunskill. Because of the ease in which the ePNews could be distributed the Editor came to do a monthly issue until Ann Brunskill retired in 2018