The Royal Lymington Yacht Club

A yacht club was founded in the 1880’s which soon faded re-emerging again in 1914, to last only one season.

This club, ‘The Lymington River Sailing Club’ was re-founded in 1922 to become ‘The Royal Lymington Yacht Club’ in 1938.

This Picture is attributed to the “Brief History Of Lymington that Was Compiled By J. G. Coombes © 2006 & 2011” & the permission of Lymington Harbour Commissioners.


This picture dates probably from around early 1930’s. Number of small boats are not numerous nor the cars in the car park.

Balance Pond downriver of the Concrete Slipway is in evidence. The Slipway at that time was quite small.

The Gas Lantern had yet to be moved from St Thomas’s Street outside the Church.

Old wooden slipway is still being used seen emerging form the Original Boatshed now the Library at first Floor Level.

Note how low the seawall is. Not much defence to very high tides.

Solent Avenue & Mayflower Close still fields

Drying out Dock: Any boat that was in danger of sinking was towed in there and when tide was out it was then fixed.  Nobody wanted a sunken wreck in the fairway.

Balance pond: Use unknown